Christmas Gifts For Small Children

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Informasi terbaru Christmas Gifts For Small Children Are you on the look out for that perfect Christmas gift for your Daughter? No doubt she will drop some subtle hints if you broach the subject but if you want to keep her Christmas present a complete surprise then here are a few ideas. The article will focus on Christmas gifts for 8 year old girls or girls around about that age. Hopefully it will help you get informed on the type of toys that are available for girls around this age.

If your girls are into dolls then a recent new released series is the Monster High dolls. These dolls are way cooler than Barbie and much more interesting. They are of teenage kids that go to the school called Monster High. All the dolls are different characters and they are based on famous monsters from myths, history or horror movies.

In fact they are the children of these famous monsters. Presumably all the monsters came to Hollywood to play roles in movies as themselves and kind of settled down and had kids. The kids had to go to school and thus we find them at Monster High.

The two most popular dolls are Cleo DeNile and Deuce Gorgon. Cleo is the offspring from the Mummy and has all sorts of Ancient Egyptian accessories. Deuce is the doting son of Medusa from Greek mythology. She was recently spotted in the action adventure blockbuster Clash of the Titans.

Another toy that is fun to play but also very clever is the Hogwarts Lego board game. Eight year old girls are no doubt fans of the Harry Potter series of movies or maybe have even read the books. Well, the Lego board game is a fun way to get even more out of the Harry Potter story.

Up to 4 people can play and they have to get various pieces of homework to the common room (or center of the board). Players can block other players off by casting spells that seal walls to halt and opponents progress. It's good fun for girls devoted to the Harry Potter story and keen to be a part of the venerable old Hogwarts school.

Another toy that is fun for the whole family but certainly some that young girls would like to play with is the Kinect sensor for Xbox 360. Of course you need an Xbox 360 for the Kinect sensor to work but after that you are good to go.

You can get games, like Kinectimals which allows you to have a virtual pet. A gorgeous tiger cub is demonstrated. As the sensor responds to all your movements you can play with your pet animals - tickle his chin or stroke his head. He will purr or jump up and try to lick you.

It looks like great fun and sure to be a popular game with girls around 8 years of age and even older or younger.


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